Caving Weekend in Somerset (Nov 08)

The Intrepid Cavers
The Intrepid Cavers

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A joint weekend underground with Buzzards Scout Troop, was a great success.  Caving was lead by the Bucks County Scout Caving Team, in the Mendip Hills of Somerset. Caves explored were, Goatchurch Cavern, Sidcot Swallet, and Pierre’s Pot on the Saturday. On Sunday a wet cave! – Swildon’s Hole. Thanks to team for a really exciting weekend. Hopefully one of the Scouts will write a report for you!


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For a report by one of the Scouts, read on………

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Mc Night Hike 28/11/08


We are pleased to announce that we have once again organised a night hike

hiking-cartoon-300x187.gifLeaving from Nyamba, we will hike under the stars to Milton Bryan Camp site. Most of the route will be along the GreenSand Ridge path passing through Stockgrove Park and Woburn Park’s. We plan to have a few fun challenges on route and a McDonalds’s for supper.

After sleeping over at the camp site scouts will be asked to cook a full English breakfast on Altar fires for their camp cook badge. More details from Scout Leaders.

Don’t panic about carrying kit, we will only be taking a small bag each as main kit will be delivered to the camp site by car. Therefore no excuses put those computer games awayburger.jpg and get your name down for some good old fashioned fresh air and camp fire cooking.

Cost will be £10 each to cover cost of accommodation and food. Kit List to be issued later.