White Water Rafting Report

White-Water Rafting Weekend – October 2008

When I went White-Water Rafting it was shocking!

At first at the start it was slow but then it sped up as we entered the Rapids. Frothy Water shot up and got you soaked and very cold. At one point when the water was calm we were allowed to pull our leaders into the water. What a laugh that was. Also one of our leaders fell off the raft into a fast rapid and it was funny watching her red round face bob away down the river. At one point we were allowed to float down a fast flowing rapid on our backs and then we were pulled under and flung out of a dip within a matter of seconds. It was totally amazing.

Scouts is so amazing for one main reason: The thrill of going into class and (you could bet any money on this) asking “who’s been White-Water Rafting this weekend”  and no one else puts up their hand because they haven’t joined SCOUTS


by Karl G

[Thanks Karl – Does anyone have any photos of this weekend that they could share – especially ones of leaders bobbing away downstream!!…….  Andy]