Message from our Group Scout Leader

knitting-logo3The Group is currently in a bit of a finance crisis and we have had a push on fundraising initiatives recently and will need to continue for the foreseeable future, until the income made from hiring Nyamba can be considered regular. We thank you all for your support with these events and hope that future events planned will also generate fun and enjoyment too. We are of course always welcome to new ideas and suggestions and welcome all parent input. Traffic issues were identified as a concern in the debates surrounding our Planning Application.

As individuals within the Group we need to do our bit in maintaining the relationships with our neighbours;

please be considerate when driving to drop-off or pick up your boys from Nyamba: Please do not park across their drives. Think about the noise you might be creating. When using our car park, please take the spaces nearest to the building first, so that others will be able to see that spaces are still available. And, please, under no circumstances reverse down onto Mowbray drive.

Other possibilities to cause less congestion:

Can you walk?

Can you cycle?

Can you car share?

I am pleased to say that all sections within 1st Linslade Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are full and we have a full compliment of hard working Leaders. I would like to thank all parents that continue to support the Boys and Group, in whatever capacity, we are grateful for the help and time that you all give.

Zita Pascoe GSL