Report on Summer Camp at Walesby Forest

Summer Camp was great fun at Walesby Forest. With lots of things to do it was one of the best camps ever!

Its long list of fantastic activities include:

Archery, Air Rifles, Swimming, Canoeing, Rafting, and a lot more!!!!!!

But that's not all, for there is a shop, so that in your spare time you need not be bored, because you can go to the shop and look at all the good things they sell!!!!!

We also had the opportunity to visit Alton Towers, a well known theme park, close to the the hide out of the well known fictional hero: Robin Hood.

In spite of the wet start the weather proved excellent (well almost) but with the aid of the Scout Leaders, Nigel and Andy, and all the parents that helped it was a magnificent experience.

So a HUGE THANK YOU to all who helped!!!

It was the best with no doubt! 

Adam W