International Cooking

Just before Easter we had our International Cooking week. Scouts were split into small groups and chose a country out of the hat. They had time to research their country, prepare a menu, write a shopping list, work out their plan, and do the shopping. The Master(Scout) Chef style competition was judged by VIP’s (leaders obviously….), taking into consideration presentation, teamwork & tidyness, and taste! Thanks to Kevin and Emma who planned and directed us through this culinary delight, as part of their leadership training.

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Scouts Archery Competition

1st Linslade Scouts held an archery competition on Sunday 11th October. 21 Scouts took part after a programme of training over the last 6 months, for their Master-At-Arms badge. All Scouts did extremely well and there are some definite budding Robin Hood’s in the troops. The competition was very exciting down to the last three arrows and only 3 points in it!!

We are very lucky at 1st Linslade Scouts to have some excellent archery equipment purchased with resources supplied by a grant from LEIGHTON-LINSLADE TOWN COUNCIL. Many thanks for your support.















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1st Linslade Scouts meet Bear Grylls – Chief Scout









Some of our “big achievers” were rewarded with the opportunity to attend the County Land & Water Activity Day at Luton Hoo on Saturday. They were lucky enough to meet the Chief Scout – Bear Grylls on a very wet and windy day, as part of his whistle stop “Bear in the Air” tour of the Eastern Region. The weather meant Bear was in car rather than the air, as the helicopter was grounded – which shortened his time at the event, however all participants got to see him. The Scouts took part in a number of land activities, fun and games, fire lighting, followed by some time on the water sailing and canoeing.

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Scouts Paddle the Grand Union

Following a six week kayaking training course at Willen lake run by our leaders last term, eight Linslade Scouts extended their skills in open canoes on the Grand Union Canal. The trip last Saturday covered 5 miles of paddling with a bacon roll cook up at lunchtime. For most, this was their first experience in open canoes, and all paddlers did very well.


IMAG2361-350 IMAG2356-350



St George’s Day Honours – Gold Award for 6 Linslade Scouts


Congratulations to six 1st Linslade Scouts who were presented with their Chief Scouts Gold Award at the Leighton-Linslade District St Georges Day Service at All Saints Church, on Tuesday evening. There were also Chief Scouts Silver Awards presented to nine Linslade Cub Scouts, and Chief Scouts Bronze Awards presented to twelve Linslade Beaver Scouts. Two Explorer Scouts were awarded their Young Leader Buckle for leadership work in our Group. WELL DONE TO ALL!!!

A fantastic turnout of 32 Scouts from Linslade attended the service, joining great numbers of both Beavers and Cubs from our Group. Thank you all for coming.

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Scouts Survive the Snow


Our first survival camp of 2013 brought weather conditions in true “survival camp” fashion…..














We thought March would be clear of the most severe winter weather, but no, we copped it!! 13 Scouts woke up to a snow covered site on Saturday morning, and set to building fires to cook breakfast.

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Linslade Archers


Today we had our first Linslade Archery Competition. Following a number of training sessions since Easter, our Scouts competed for the title of Best Archer and a trophy. Scouts have enjoyed using our new archery equipment part funded by a grant from Leighton-Linslade Town Council. 



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Thanks to Jon Briggs and Alan Day for their help running the competition.  









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