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Photos of Cubs and Scouts at camp are now in the web gallery. You will find a photo record of some of the activities during the joint Scout and Cub camp at Phasels Wood on the last weekend of September 2006. A great time was had by all, despite a couple of showers.  Thanks to all leaders, helpers and parents that lent a hand to make this camp happen. Thanks to Trevor for the photos.

Hey lads ! where’s the report you promised?……

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Report on Summer Camp at Walesby Forest

Summer Camp was great fun at Walesby Forest. With lots of things to do it was one of the best camps ever!

Its long list of fantastic activities include:

Archery, Air Rifles, Swimming, Canoeing, Rafting, and a lot more!!!!!!

But that's not all, for there is a shop, so that in your spare time you need not be bored, because you can go to the shop and look at all the good things they sell!!!!!

We also had the opportunity to visit Alton Towers, a well known theme park, close to the the hide out of the well known fictional hero: Robin Hood.

In spite of the wet start the weather proved excellent (well almost) but with the aid of the Scout Leaders, Nigel and Andy, and all the parents that helped it was a magnificent experience.

So a HUGE THANK YOU to all who helped!!!

It was the best with no doubt! 

Adam W 

Kandersteg 2007


The party going to Switzerland next
year now stands at 37 people!

Only a few places left!!!

Can everybody make sure they have forwarded their cheques for the second deposit and insurance please.


Phasels Wood Camp Announced


Next camp at the end of September announced. This will be a joint camp with the Cub pack. Registered users login for more details, and click on "news from the sections".  


Summer Camp

Summer camp at Walesby Forest was a great success! The site was fantastic, activities were well organised, and the weather was hot, hot, hot!! (slightly damp on Saturday – but we won't mention that).

 I just wanted to thank all Leaders and adult helpers that came along. Thank you for all your support. We can't run camps like this without you. Also thanks to the Explorers / Young Leaders – your help was much appreciated.

Thanks also to the Scouts, who were all generally well behaved.

 I hope you all enjoyed yourselves

Hopefully in the next few days we will be able to publish, more reports, photos etc. So if you have anything to contribute, or any comments please contact me.

 Thanks again to all that helped.




Message from our Group Scout Leader


knitting-logo3The Group is currently in a bit of a finance crisis and we have had a push on fundraising initiatives recently and will need to continue for the foreseeable future, until the income made from hiring Nyamba can be considered regular. We thank you all for your support with these events and hope that future events planned will also generate fun and enjoyment too. We are of course always welcome to new ideas and suggestions and welcome all parent input. Traffic issues were identified as a concern in the debates surrounding our Planning Application.

As individuals within the Group we need to do our bit in maintaining the relationships with our neighbours;

please be considerate when driving to drop-off or pick up your boys from Nyamba: Please do not park across their drives. Think about the noise you might be creating. When using our car park, please take the spaces nearest to the building first, so that others will be able to see that spaces are still available. And, please, under no circumstances reverse down onto Mowbray drive.

Other possibilities to cause less congestion:

Can you walk?

Can you cycle?

Can you car share?

I am pleased to say that all sections within 1st Linslade Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are full and we have a full compliment of hard working Leaders. I would like to thank all parents that continue to support the Boys and Group, in whatever capacity, we are grateful for the help and time that you all give.

Zita Pascoe GSL

1st Linslade Support Team


supportteamlogoWith the sun shining and the summer holidays approching we must focus our attention to the green areas before they become a jungle!

Look out for details of the next maintenance day. No qualifications required and everyone is welcome!

We all run such busy lives these days and the more people that get involved ensures that it is not the same people being relied upon. Please help to spread the load and continue to help out where you can. If you would like to be added to the contact list please let us know via the "Contact Us" page. You are not committing yourself to anything – (yet!).

Beavers Conquer Everest



The Beavers and Leaders made a fantastic effort on Thursday 23rd March by walking, running and even crawling up and down a hill in Pages Park and collectively climbing a total of 8,910m. The height of Everest is 8,850m and everyone that participated managed an amazing 405m each.

The adjudicating was done by other District leaders. The Beavers took part in the Nationwide Gimme 5 Challenge which supports the World Wildlife Fund. The money raised is split between the WWF and the Scout Association. For the Beaver Colony this means that 50% of the funds raised will go towards paying for a coach for the Beavers forthcoming outing to Drusillas Park.

The figures are yet to be finalised but at the last count the Beavers had raised a staggering £540.00.


Planning Permission Finally Agreed

After eight months of paperwork, meetings, negotiations, hard slog and stress, I am pleased to say that the Group has been successful in obtaining Planning Permission to vary the conditions of the use of our hall.    planning-regulations

 What does this mean to us?

  • We can now hire out Nyamba to groups like the Leighton Buzzard Toy Library, Jo Jingles, playgroups, keep fit organizations, elderly groups, first aid training courses and the like;
  • We are now allowed to hire out Nyamba for children's parties (up to the age of 12 and not to exceed 24 times a year);
  • We are allowed to have up to 4 sleepover a year for Beavers, Cubs, Rainbows and Brownies.




  The first two items will enable us to generate additional income and means that we will not have to be totally reliant on fundraising activities to survive.

If you know of any groups that are looking to hire a hall please contact our Group Scout Leader