Maintenance Day

We are holding another maintenance day at “Nyamba” on Saturday 11th May, 10.00am ’til 3.00pm. Please can you help! We have a long list of jobs, inside and out, that need doing to tidy up and keep the headquarters safe for our children.

Note that this invitation is aimed at parents, so please ignore references to your child in the documentation. Of course youngsters like to come and help, and we welcome it where possible as long as parents can supervise. There won’t be lots of leaders around to supervise, so we have to be mindful of health and safety, and it may not be the best environment for our youngest members.

Some of the general jobs include: gardening, pruning, driveway clearing, clear brambles, stores tidying, cleaning, painting

More specific tasks:

  • lay a concrete path to gas storage cage to rear of hut,
  • level out path to canoe storage,
  • sorting out camp cooking equipment ready to replace,
  • painting / marking steps in external areas,
  • repair minor leaks in toilets,
  • boxing in pipe work in toilets,
  • loading skip with rubbish

No particular skills needed, just lots of enthusiasm! So please put on your old clothes, grab some tools and join us for a couple of hours. Your time will be much appreciated! Stick it in your diary…..

Bacon rolls and gallons of tea / coffee on tap all day!

Please could you let us know if you can make it using the link to the Parent Portal above. If you think you could help with one of the specific tasks above please make a note when registering.

Thank You!!

1st Linslade Scout Group Executive Committee